When I started practicing law almost 18 years ago, little did I realize how vastly the landscape of legal advertising would change. We have been working behind the scenes to update our website.  Today we are almost complete, there are a few more edits that need to take place, but as I sit here writing this – our first Blog post – I am amazed about how much information there is to digest on building a law firm website.  The influx of information can be overwhelming. When our last website for the Recalde Law Firm was built about five years ago, I was less involved in the actual building of the website. To be perfectly honest, other than submitting content and ensuring it provided accurate information – I did nothing. This time around, I decided it was time for me to become more educated about the process. I am sure I drove our website builder crazy, but in the end I am happy with what I have learned and how it the website is coming together.

Stay tuned to our Blog to learn more about what is going on in Texas Family Law.


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